Annual Report 2019 Desiderata

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The year 2019 was especially marked by the beginning of our activities in childhood obesity, bringing together specialists, public managers, and civil society to discuss and propose solutions to face this silent epidemic in Brazil. In this context, we launched the 1st Panorama of Childhood Obesity, which pointed out a huge challenge in the state of Rio de Janeiro, where the number of children and adolescents with severe obesity doubled between 2008 and 2018.

In pediatric oncology, we sought to make a difference by stimulating dialogue between national and international specialists in various spaces and through the organization of the 5th Pediatric Oncology Forum, as well as the first national meeting on the World Health Organization's Global Initiative for Childhood Cancer. We also play an active role in the qualification of cancer registries, emphasizing that information on health is the basis for planning and controlling diseases. In this field, I highlight the support for the Toronto Consensus in Brazil, as this international guideline for pediatric tumor staging is of fundamental importance for the control of childhood cancer.

Our work in areas so relevant to the health of children and adolescents has paved the way for Desiderata’s articulation with the public health care sector and society as a whole. For the second year in a row, we were selected as one of the 100 Best NGOs in Brazil by the Instituto Donar, confirming our institutional commitment to transparency and the results that have contributed to the prevention, diagnosis, and timely care for children and adolescents.

Together with an engaged and committed team, active advisors, and key partners for public health care, I share our activities and results from 2019.

Enjoy your reading!

Roberta Costa Marques | Executive Director

Message from the Board

Public health care has increasingly shown its importance as a basic right for the complete development of people, especially children and adolescents. However, guaranteeing this right is not an easy task in an unequal country with the dimensions of Brazil’s territory. Such complexity demands the active participation of social organizations that can strengthen and monitor public policies directed towards the area, a role that Desiderata has been fulfilling for 16 years.

The Deliberative Board, strengthened by four new members in the first semester of 2019 - Germana Lyra Bähr, Maria Auxiliadora Gomes, Miguel Lago, and Guilherme Teixeira Azevedo - confirmed the choice for the expansion of our field of work among chronic non-communicable diseases (CNCDs), and more specifically, facing childhood obesity. The already consolidated trajectory in supporting public policies to fight childhood cancer has allowed us to advance promptly on this new front.

The challenge is enormous. We are still confident about being on the right track, consolidating our experience in working with the public sector and building new partnerships to generate an even greater impact to improve the health of children and adolescents in our country.

It is with deep regret that I announce the passing, on May 4, 2020, of Advisory Board member Marcos Moraes, who greatly contributed to our development.

Guilherme Frering | Deliberative Board President

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About Desiderata

Instituto Desiderata is an OSCIP (Civil Society Organization of Public Interest), which for 16 years has focused on improving public health care for children and adolescents in Rio de Janeiro. We work on the prevention, early diagnosis, and treatment of cancer and other chronic non-communicable diseases and risk factors, such as childhood obesity.

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Our mission

To promote solutions that ensure prevention, diagnosis and timely care for the health of children and adolescents.

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Our dream

Brazilian children and adolescents among the healthiest in the world.

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Institutional Development

Institutional Communication

As a strategic pillar for Desiderata, communication is linked to the other areas of the institute, creating products and actions capable of strengthening the relationship with partners in the health area and making the organization better known to the general public and potential supporters. Making childhood health a priority topic in the discussion and formulation of public policies is a fundamental goal in this area, in addition to enhancing fundraising actions.

The year 2019 marked the implementation of a strategy aimed at strengthening the institute's image as a reference in childhood health through a new positioning of the brand in our own communication channels and partners.

The strengthening of our social media, as well as the emphasis given to actions that fight Childhood Obesity, were two pillars that allowed us to expand our standing, supported by 16 years of successful activity in the fight against Childhood Cancer. In 2019, we highlight:

Repositioning on social media

With significant increase in reach and engagement, and the creation of campaigns linked to our project areas (Campaign for Childhood Obesity, Humanization and Donation; Launch of the United for the Cure Bulletin, Public Spirit Award, World Health Day, Health Professional Day, I am I will (UICC), Toronto Consensus).

Release of published articles

Production of manifesto video

Production and promotion of Desiderata's institutional film

in partnership with the movie theaters UCI and Cinemark. Also aired on Rede Globo during the week of the National Childhood Cancer Awareness Day

Press articles


Instituto Desiderata receives donations from individuals and companies that believe in public health care as a basic principle for the development of children and adolescents.

Most of the resources are donated by individuals. Institutes and businesses are also partners, financing projects, offering services to help carry out our work, and supporting us institutionally.

Thank you so much to all our partners.

Financial partners:

Ministério da saúde
Oncologia D'Or
Open D'Or

Service partners:

Cia. Vale do Araguaia
Ernst & Young

Institutional partners:

Lâmpada mágica
Rede Globo
Livraria da Travessa
Morro da Urca
Fundação do Cancer
Observatório do Terceiro Setor
Instituto Zen Cancer
Prefeitura do Rio
Governo do Rio
Todos juntos contra o câncer
Câncer com Ciência
Hospital Municipal Jesus
Hospital dos Servidores
Hospital da Lagoa
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Financial statements See PDF




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Who built this story

Executive Director Roberta Costa Marques Health Area Laurenice Pires – Manager Claudia Bezerra – Project Coordinator Evelyn Kowalczyk – Health Analyst – Data Carolina Motta – Health Analyst – Oncology Elisa Mendonça – Health Analyst – Obesity Communication Area Fábia Andérez – Manager (until Sept./2019) Anna Carolina Cardoso – Manager (from Oct./2019) Institutional Development Area Luiza Rudge – Manager Financial-Administrative Area Natália Carcione – Manager Luisa De Biase – Assistant
Deliberative Board Guilherme Frering - President Antonia Frering - Vice-president Arminio Fraga Germana Lyra Bähr Guilherme Teixeira Azevedo Maria Auxiliadora Gomes Miguel Lago Advisory Board Beatriz Cardoso Heloisa Helena Oliveira Luciano Huck Marcos Moraes Paula Guedes Rafael Gomes Martinez Rodrigo Capistrano Sergio Bermudes Wanda Engel Fiscal Board Eduardo Poggi Joaquim Dias Maria Fernanda Dias de Carvalho Miguel Ramos de Carvalho