Panorama da Obesidade

Produção e consolidação de informações sobre obesidade em crianças e adolescentes, que possibilitam o entendimento do cenário e das oportunidades e desafios para seu enfrentamento. 

Several publications and research related to childhood obesity have already been produced in Brazil. However, finding information about the nutritional status of children and adolescents from open, continuous and public databases is still a challenge. The same difficulty applies to data related to public policies and other actions aimed at facing obesity.

Understanding the importance of the National Food and Nutrition Surveillance System (SISVAN) for monitoring the nutritional status in the Unified Health System’s (SUS) primary health care, Instituto Desiderata launches the Panorama of Obesity in Children and Adolescents. The intent is to gatherinformation that highlights the scenario of childhood and adolescent obesity in the state of Rio de Janeiro.

By contributing to the fight against the advancement of obesity in children and adolescents, it also takes on the commitment to collaborate in the dissemination and transparency of information related to the issue.

We understand the value of this information, both for improving the daily service provided to the population - by allowing for the review of care practices – as well as for the planning of policies and strategic actions aimed at facing the disease.

The quality of information is intrinsically related to its use. Therefore, we consider it necessary for health professionals, patients, caregivers, and researchers to use information on health in their professional practice.

Principais resultados

Publication launched in 2019.

Publication presented at the XV Brazilian National Breastfeeding Meeting (XV ENAM), 2019.