Who we are

Founded 16 years ago, Instituto Desiderata is an OSCIP (Civil Society Organization of Public Interest) with an innovative history of joint action with public managers and organizations in the development and implementation of solutions for prevention, diagnosis, and care for the health of children and adolescents. For this, it promotes actions of mobilization and articulation between the public sector and civil society, the training of health professionals for early diagnosis, humanization of treatment, and production and dissemination of knowledge in the field.

Since its beginning, Desiderata works to change the reality of childhood cancer in Rio de Janeiro. In 2019, it expands its commitment and actions to other Chronic Non-Communicable Diseases (CNCDs) and risk factors, such as childhood obesity.

CNCDs are the leading causes of death in the world, and generate a loss in quality of life, as well as economic impacts on families, communities, and society at large.

Instituto Desiderata’s work aligns itself with the plan of action of the United Nations’ (UN) global agenda, formed by the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), taken on by countries as a global commitment to a sustainable and better world for people everywhere. Our actions mainly aim to meet goal 3.4 of the SDGs: “by 2030, reduce by one third premature mortality from non-communicable diseases through prevention and treatment and promote mental health and well-being.”

Our mission

Promote solutions that ensure prevention, diagnosis, and timely care for the health of children and adolescents.

Our dream

Brazilian children and adolescents among the healthiest in the world.


To improve the lives of children and adolescents we work collectively and make things happen. This is how we started a story of transformation.

Where one sees complex and insoluble health challenges, we see the opportunity to make a difference. We map the problems, identify who and how. We join individuals and institutions to search for solutions, producing social changes in the collective interest.

Articulate to approximate to mobilize to engage to solve to transform causes projects dreams lives.



Deliberative Board

  • Guilherme Frering
  • Antonia Frering
  • Arminio Fraga
  • Gabriela Paranhos
  • Germana Bahr
  • Guilherme Teixeira Azevedo
  • Maria Auxiliadora Gomes
  • Miguel Lago

Consulting Board

  • Beatriz Cardoso
  • Heloisa H Oliveira
  • Luciano Huck
  • Marcos Moraes
  • Paula Guedes
  • Rafael G Martinez
  • Rodrigo Capistrano
  • Sergio Bermudes
  • Wanda Engel

Fiscal Board

  • Joaquim Dias
  • Eduardo Poggi
  • Maria Fernanda Carvalho

Our Team

Renata Couto
Executive Director

Passionate about the idea of social transformation, has 20 years of experience in the third sector. She was Director of Fundraising at ActionAid Brasil and worked on the institutional strengthening of social organizations such as Fundo Elas, Canal Futura, Médico Sem Fronteiras, Fundação do Cancer and in the Heritage and Culture area of the Roberto Marinho Foundation. She holds a degree in Social Communication (UFRJ), a master’s degree in Social History of Culture (PUC-Rio) and specialized in Cultural Management (Itaú) and Cultural Finance and Economics (Université Paris-Dauphine). Renata is also Joaquim’s mother and considers that raising a boy with gender equity values is her biggest challenge.

Luiza Rudge
Institutional Development Manager

Postgraduate in Marketing from Universidade Católica do Rio (PUC-Rio). She worked for more than 10 years with Communication and Marketing in large companies and agencies, as well as with customer relations and project management. She migrated to the third sector seeking to unite her personal values and professional life.

Anna Carolina Cardoso
Communications Manager

Journalist focused on topics related to human rights and public policies, studied at Universidade Federal Fluminense. More than ten years of experience in local and national media and other institutions.

Igor Simões
Communications Adviser

Graduated in journalism from UFF and postgraduate in Press Relations, Strategic Journalism and Crisis Management from UCAM. He has worked in local and national journalistic vehicles and has experience in corporate communication and press relations.

Claudia Bezerra
Project Coordinator

Bachelor of Data Processing Technology and Postgraduate in UX Design / Information Architecture. Experience in IT project management, and 10 years working in projects related to the healthcare area.

Carolina Motta
Project Analyst

Specialist in Primary Care Management and Public Healthcare Resident at ENSP/ Fiocruz. Bachelor of Psychology from PUC-Rio. During the last five years she worked in the Rio de Janeiro State Health Department, as well as with public healthcare management. She seeks to develop projects focused on strengthening the SUS.

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