Pediatric Oncology Forum

Debates, courses, and working groups among health
professionals, universal healthcare system (SUS) managers,
and social organizations to propose improvements in the treatment network.

The Pediatric Oncology Forum (POF) is a biennial event that, through discussions and the exchange of experiences, builds proposals which influence the (re)definition of public policies to improve the public network of oncological treatment in Rio de Janeiro. The goal is to ensure early diagnosis, quick access, and quality treatment for childhood cancer. The POF is an innovative collective space that focuses on multidisciplinary debate.

At the end of the event, a Letter of Recommendations is created. It contains proposals for the access to treatment, professional training, information on health, and SUS (Unified Health System) principles. This document is given to healthcare managers, university representatives, and non-governmental organizations related to the discussed topics. The advances and challenges are monitored by Instituto Desiderata between each edition and presented at the next Forum.

Main results

  • Inclusion of the issue of childhood cancer in the National Policy of Comprehensive Attention for Children’s Health.
  • Starting the process to unify the regulation systems of the state and city of Rio de Janeiro.
  • Development of a Handbook with Guidelines for Caregivers and Patients by multi-professional teams from the public hospitals that treat patients with cancer in Rio de Janeiro.
  • 1385 participants, 102 national and international speakers.
  • 37 issues addressed in working groups, presentations, courses, workshops, and meetings.