Humanization of Treatment

Transformation of treatment spaces for children and
adolescents into more playful and welcoming environments.

Considering the long periods of time that children, adolescents, and their families spend in the hospital during cancer treatment, Instituto Desiderata invested in the transformation of these environments, making them warm, playful, and pleasant spaces for patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals.

We transformed four chemotherapy rooms, two hospital rooms, and a tomograph. These cheerful and sensorial environments minimize the impacts of treatment on everyone involved.

To develop these transformation projects in public hospitals that are part of the United for the Cure policy, we were inspired by the pioneering humanization experiment of Quimioteca do Instituto de Oncologia/GRAACC in São Paulo, and the National Humanization Policy of the Ministry of Health.

Gringo Cardia, the scenographer and designer responsible for these projects, volunteered to work with Desiderata in their creation.

Main Results

  • 90% of patients felt more encouraged to get treatment.
  • 86% of patients experienced a decrease in the feeling of pain and anxiety during treatment.
  • 86% of patients felt that time goes by faster.
  • 85% of patients felt more privacy during treatment.
  • 73% of caregivers felt less anxiety.
  • 10.000 children benefited per year from the treatment in playful and welcoming environments.